What is Tourismembassy

By championing eco-responsible and sustainable tourism practices, TourismEmbassy positions itself at the forefront of the global shift towards sustainability and ethical travel. This alignment underscores the platform's dedication to not only fostering a more conscientious travel culture but also to leading the charge in transforming the tourism sector into a bastion of environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Through its initiatives, TourismEmbassy amplifies the importance of sustainable development within the industry, ensuring that each member of its community contributes to a healthier planet and more equitable tourism practices.

TourismEmbassy is a dynamic and expansive platform specifically designed for individuals and organizations within the tourism sector, whether they are directly or indirectly involved. It serves as a vibrant community for tourism professionals, enthusiasts, startups, investors, bloggers, local guides, chefs, and more, essentially anyone contributing to or influenced by the tourism industry. The platform celebrates every participant's role and ensures every voice is heard, fostering a rich exchange of knowledge, experiences, and opportunities.

Key Features and Benefits of TourismEmbassy:

  • It stands as a movement within the tourism industry, where career paths in tourism are not just developed but significantly elevated.
  • The platform provides unparalleled visibility within the largest family of tourism professionals globally.
  • TourismEmbassy fosters a global and multilingual marketing approach, ensuring businesses can easily penetrate new markets, expand their customer base, and achieve international growth.
  • It offers exclusive, time-limited advertising packages designed to maximize value and ensure businesses gain the visibility they deserve.
  • By promoting eco-responsible and sustainable tourism practices, TourismEmbassy aligns with the growing global emphasis on sustainability and ethical travel.
  • The platform enables users to craft their professional identity, share and gain insights, expand their network, and discover a wide range of opportunities and connections.

In summary, TourismEmbassy is more than just a platform; it's a comprehensive ecosystem for the tourism industry, championing sustainability, innovation, and global connectivity. It is where careers flourish, connections are made, and the future of tourism is actively shaped by its members.


What is Touroba?

Touroba sets a new standard of excellence in tourism, focusing on the emotions, sensations, and unique experiences that tourist services or products inspire in users. Unlike other quality seals, Touroba is not awarded by any formal institution; it's a direct acknowledgment from users, based on their personal experiences, to those individuals, products, or companies that, directly or indirectly, contribute to enriching the tourism sector.

A New Perspective:

Enjoyment and Happiness

Touroba aims to reconnect with the essence of tourism experiences, valuing emotions and feelings anew, and reclaiming that magic that we've all experienced at some point: that spark, that thrill, the feeling of living an unparalleled moment.

Far from competing with existing tourism quality seals, Touroba seeks to complement them by offering a different perspective and added value. This new standard is built on respect, honesty, and humility towards new experiences and adventures, aspiring to be the emblem of a memorable encounter for both the user and the tourism professional.

If you believe that any product, person, or institution deserves to be distinguished with a Touroba, simply click on the "add Touroba" button. This gesture allows for recognizing and sharing the most memorable impressions of tourism, based on the true sensations that only authentic experiences can provide.